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  • Many parents are concerned about the physical well-being of their children. A lot of young people lead sedentary lives and this can contribute to health problems now and later in life. This is why some parents are taking a look at the benefits of yoga for kids.

    Yoga is very good for the mind and body, and it is just as good for young people as it is for adults. Exercise is great for stress relief. Stretching postures help to increase awareness of the body and improve coordination. Joints become looser and stronger and even though children have good flexibility, young joints can stiffen without frequent activity. A qualified instructor knows that a child’s attention span is different from grownups and makes allowances. Classes are simple and poses are introduced one at a time, until they are mastered. Children are allowed to learn at a pace that is comfortable.

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  • Yoga has quickly become one of the most loved practices for health and well-being in the world. This form of exercise is ideal for people of all ages, from children and seniors to pregnant women. Free pregnancy yoga classes can be very beneficial for both you and your baby. They are a great way to prepare yourself for childbirth while enjoying the company of other moms-to-be. Here are five reasons to practice yoga during pregnancy:

  • Many studies have been done on the effects of guided meditation and most of these studies have proven its effectiveness on calming a person’s mind and body. Guided meditation is not a new exercise and has been around for many years but since the recent notice of stressful and time consuming jobs and lives, many people have turned to it to help relieve their stress and to instruct them on how to deal with straining situations. Through the use of guided meditation practices, people who participate in these meditative sessions are finding more calm and quiet moments in their lives, even when they are not meditating.

  • Creating abundance; is it really that easy? Absolutely; there are a lot of ways you can create abundance in your life, and everyone deserves to be happy, including you. However, you might not know just how to get that happiness you so richly deserve.

    Do you have a positive image of who you are, or do you possess a negative image? Before you can focus on creating abundance, you must become aware of the fact that you deserve what you want.

  • Aren’t you tired of those classical locations for your holiday? Stuck in a hotel for a week, with crowds of people making noise and not doing anything relaxing. Most often we come back as tired as we left and get ever more stressed for the holiday didn’t help. If you want to put an end to the meaningless holidays, yoga retreats are the perfect solution for you. You will combine the peaceful environment with the practice of yoga, an activity which can restore your inner equilibrium.

  • For many of us, getting fit seems like an impossible job. It needs time and stamina and doesn't seem to be all that fun. But with the right workout plan, ready-made to what can be done and what you find enjoyable, getting fit and remaining fit can be a lifelong spare time interest. Following are some tips to get into the swing of things.


    When trying hard to get fit, investigate your local Parks and Recreation dept. You may be able to find inexpensive aerobics, dance, yoga, strength training, or “boot camp” classes for a lot less than you would pay at a private company. You can figure out which parks have hiking or fitness trails and when they are open.

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  • Mortgage immediate decision loans can be availed by any kind of borrower. They help you to meet all your personal requirements fast.

    Mindfulness meditation however is contradictory to active meditation. This type of meditation involves not pure sitting but letting your body move – from slow to intense movements. It is a process where a practitioner can undo all suppression as well as negative emotions by letting the body move and easily go into stillness.

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  • Let’s face it; practically everyone in the world today is aware of the fact that they have a subconscious mind. In fact, when things go wrong in our lives, many people immediately place the blame on their subconscious mind. Unfortunately however, not many people seem to realize just how powerful the subconscious mind can be, and that it can be your best friend or your worst enemy, in that it is your subconscious mind which ultimately controls the way in which you live your life. Perhaps you are wondering what exactly is a subconscious mind, and why it’s essential for people to pay close attention to what the subconscious mind is thinking?

  • For over 5,000 years, yoga has helped individuals ALL around the world live incredibly healthy, carefree and pain-free lives. For thousands of years, yoga was hidden away in India and only relatively recently have we in the West discovered all its amazing benefits.

    And, WOW, talk about the benefits!!! – Increased flexibility – Stress relief – Purging toxins – Improved sense of health and wellbeing – Superior balance – Enhanced posture – Toned muscles and midsection – Incredible core strength – Terrific injury prevention and quick recovery technique – Great for fixing neck, back and shoulder problems That’s right – there are so many fabulous ways that yoga can help anyone live a healthier, happier and more satisfying life.

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  • A human life is a priceless gift of God. The Lord does not have a greater gift than this to give his beloved creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so extraordinary that its results can only amaze us. This gift has been given to us to fulfill divine goals. But it is our ill-fate that we have forgotten our divine nature, God’s gift and the goal/ importance of a human life. Neither do we know our divine potential, nor the Lord’s goal, wisdom or meditation. We are straying far away in this dark, gloomy world. This forgetfulness is strange. People generally forget objects and also what they have read, heard etc. A person whom we had known in the past is now a stranger for us, since we have forgotten him. But it is rare to find a person who forgets himself. We think ourselves to be a body with name and form. We desire what our mind desires, we look upon the body’s needs as our own need. The body and mind are the 2 wheels of the chariot of our life. But we have totally forgotten that we are the soul and not the body. No doubt we hear time and again that the body is different from the soul. But it is very rare that someone actually experiences this fact. And even if we experience it, it is in a very hazy manner. If we understand true reality and the difference between the life-force and peripherals that manifests in our consciousness, we will give prime importance to soul well-being. We would give only that much importance to material objects as is required. Today we are walking with feet devoid of shoes and decorate our cars with frills of gold. We are dying of hunger and give clarified butter to vehicles. “We” means the soul and vehicle means body or mind. The Lord is serving his servants. It is indeed strange that he has forgotten his responsibility.