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  • Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Solutions You Can Apply At Home

    When you develop nail fungus your nails will become discolored. They may very white or yellow. The nails will get very thick and become brittle. If nail fungus is not treated, over time the nails will crumble away from the nail bed. This will produce a lot of pain, and it can leave the nail bed exposed to infection and injury. To avoid this type of problem it is a good idea to read on and learn more about a nail fungus treatment.

    When you are treating your nail fungus you have a few choices. You can visit your doctor and get treatment. He may give you an antifungal lacquer that you apply to the affected nails once a day. After seven days, you will remove the built up layers of lacquer and then start the process of painting the nails again. It can be a year before the nail fungus is completely eliminated using this medication. Oral antifungal medicines are sometimes prescribed. These medicines work by promoting growth of new fungal free nails to replace the infected nails. However, this type of treatment will take several months before the new nail is in place. These oral medications can produce a rash, or they may cause liver damage. When you take oral antifungal medications you must be monitored closely by your doctor.

    A vinegar and water soak is another type of toenail and fingernail fungus treatment that can be very effective. Organic apple cider vinegar is the best vinegar for this soak. Mix one part apple cider vinegar to two parts warm water and soak daily for approximately 20 minutes. You want to ensure that you dry your nails completely after each soak. Some individuals may find this soak will irritate the nails and surrounding skin. If this is the case, you can dilute the vinegar with more water or soak every other day. You can also try applying Vicks Vaporub to the affected nails and surrounding skin. Scientists have no scientific evidence as to why this treatment works but hundreds of individuals have used it with great success. All you need to do is rub some Vicks onto the affected nails and surrounding skin. It is best to do this at night since Vicks can produce a strong odor.

    Prescription medicines and home remedies are not your only options when you want to treat nail fungus. Homeopathic solutions are great a eradicating these types of problems. When searching for the best solution for your nail fungus make sure you choose one that is made from organic essential oils. These will be the most effective. The best fungal solutions have been tested and proven to get rid of nail fungus safely. The best part about these types of solutions is they are inexpensive and simple to use.

    If you suffer from fungus of the nail, get a great nail fungus treatment. If you use the treatment you choose exactly as directed you can get rid of your nail fungus forever.

    There are several fingernail fungus treatment solutions to choose from. Including several fingernail fungus treatment over the counter options. Choose one that’s right for you.

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