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  • How Many Decades Does It Take to Become a Martial Arts Master?

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    How many decades does it take for one to become a Martial Arts Master? This is a great question. The good news is that there is an easy answer to this question, and it will apply to any art you study, be it taekwondo, aikido, pa kua chang, or whatever.

    To get to this simple answer, however, you have to be willing to look at a couple of things. Really, you have to toss out the wrong notions that people have about the fighting disciplines. If you can toss out the trash, the answer is quite easily arrived at.

    First, it depends on who you study with. You see, lineage doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the sensei you study with knows anything.

    Second, the fellow who instructs you must be able to impart the data. It is important that he know the real reasons for the forms and the bunkai and all that, but he must be able to get that data to you. A martial arts teacher must actually be able to get the concepts across to you.

    Third, you must study an art that includes all arts. Well, there goes the ballgame. You see, with very few exceptions, no art includes all arts.

    All martial arts have become separate, believing that they are superior, and the other fellow is inferior. This is rather silly, as the defining factor of the eastern disciplines is that a fist is coming, or a throw is coming, and everything is grown from those two facts. Using those two facts as your yin and yang, you can actually grow all martial arts, and even connect them into one martial arts system that includes all others.

    Fourth you need a better training method. Drilling en mass is fine, but only for school children. Somewhere along the line you are going to have to actually learn what is really happening when you execute a martial arts technique.

    Fifth, and this is one of the crucial yet most neglected of all the factors I have listed, you must understand what you are doing. In most Martial Art Dojos, you see, the students do endless repetitions of the drills, and the belief is that if you drill long enough you will see the reason for what you are doing. Unfortunately, this is why so many people drop out of such arts as Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, or even Ninjitsu.

    People don’t want to practice in the dark. Would you like to charge through an unlit room filled with smashing fists, thunderous kicks, body slamming throws, and other dangerous things? Nobody in their right mind would, and that is why so few students complete their training and actually learn Karate, or kung fu, or kenpo, or whatever.

    That all said, there is one system we have discovered that has managed to solve all the above points…just head over on over over to Monster Martial Arts and it only takes about a year to become a Martial Arts Master.

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