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  • Mongoose Blackcomb: Rolling Mountain Climbing For the Average Person

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    Heading out to the mountains and racing down dirt trails isn’t everyone’s dream. Not everyone wakes up thinking of ways to dismantle their opposition or gain that half-a-second edge over the next rider. For some, going up to the mountains is a fantastic way to unwind, get some fresh air, get away from the hustle-bustle and, yes, get some exercise under your belt.

    If this is your idea of a great weekend, then what would be the right bike to get you there and live to tell about it? The answer is the Mongoose Blackcomb. This bike is designed to survive those weekend adventures without eating a tree. A brute of a bike, if you can give it, this bike can take it. This is one mountain conquering machine you can’t go without.

    Enter the Fun and Perfect Bike

    For top quality and high performance, no bike can ever come close to the Mongoose Blackcomb! The Mongoose Blackcomb beats its competitors in every aspect of design, durability and quality. From Promax brakes, that would stop a landslide, to a 24-speed Shimano gear setup, this bike has everything you will ever need.

    It’s well-researched and tested design ensures a comfortable riding position suitable for the needs and form of different riders. The Mongoose Blackcomb was specifically developed to meet the specific height,form, speed and needs of different riders. From the design of the handlebars, frame set-up, the fork, the seat contours and the overall riding height, this bike has it all.

    The brilliant design of the aluminum frame is simply amazing! The dual alloy suspension with a 4-bar vertical spring is just a thing of beauty! The Mongoose Blackcomb’s bump-absorption capability combined with seamless gear-shifts makes for an awesome package.

    Is there anything that we don’t like about the bike? The Kenda tires might seem average but if you consider the fact that this bike has been built for city and mountain use, or abuse, you will understand exactly why this bike has the wheels it does. Other than that, you might find the rims slightly less capable of handling the worst landings but then, Mongoose has already made it quite evident that this isn’t a competition bike.

    The Price is Right!

    How much would you be willing to spend on a bike that can tackle any terrain, give you an unbelievable riding experience through the mountains and keep you safe when the going gets tough? It’s hard to put a price on that but Mongoose have still gone with $400.

    How can you go wrong with $400? For the comfort and high quality performance that the Mongoose provides, it is certainly worth the trip to nearest biking specialty store, sporting goods store or the mall! With this high quality bike, sometimes the local Walmart would even have sales when you can get it for only $140! Is that a deal or what!

    Don’t take our word for it. Do your research and you will find out that the Mongoose Blackcomb is one of the very best out there. So, get online or make that trip to your local department store and start comparing!

    Jole Colman is an authority on Mountain and BMX biking. Visit his site to learn more about Mongoose Bikes, and the Mongoose Blackcomb

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