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  • Performance Supplements Used For A Healthy Body

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    Taking legal Performance Supplements is thought to improve athletic performance in a variety of ways. Many athletes are looking for a competitive edge that will help them to achieve more. However, caution must be used when taking any supplement.

    Diuretics may be effective for weight adjustment. Since diuretics make the body evacuate excess water, they can help wrestlers and other athletes to complete in lower weight classes. However, diuretics may cause dehydration and produce dizziness, exhaustion and muscle cramps. More serious side effects include heart arrhythmias, drops in blood pressure and potassium deficiency.

    The popular supplement creatine is a substance naturally produced by the human body. Creatine helps the muscles to release energy more effectively by causing the muscles to produce higher amounts of adenosine triphosphate. Sprinters and weightlifters may experience more power, and all athletes may benefit from better post-workout recovery and improved muscle mass. Users should also know what creatine side effects include weight gain, diarrhea, nausea and muscle and stomach cramps. High doses may lead to kidney or liver damage.

    Stimulants are taken to enhance athleticism. By increasing blood pressure and heart rate, and by stimulating the brain and nerves, stimulants increase alertness, reduce fatigue, suppress appetite and improve endurance. Overdoses, however, may cause heart palpitations and other cardiovascular problems and milder problems like insomnia and nervousness.

    The body’s insulin activity is stimulated by chromium picolinate. More insulin activity breaks down fats and glucose, which keeps the body leaner. Some athletes think that chromium picolinate will improve protein synthesis and enhance muscle growth, but research is inconclusive. Side effects of high doses include liver and kidney damage as well as hypoglycemia.

    Researchers know very little about the long-term effects associated with taking performance supplements. Any athletes, before starting a supplement regimen, should discuss the benefits and adverse effects with a physician. Also, even legal enhancers may not be allowed in competition, so athletes should consult their sports organization.

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