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  • Many studies have been done on the effects of guided meditation and most of these studies have proven its effectiveness on calming a person’s mind and body. Guided meditation is not a new exercise and has been around for many years but since the recent notice of stressful and time consuming jobs and lives, many people have turned to it to help relieve their stress and to instruct them on how to deal with straining situations. Through the use of guided meditation practices, people who participate in these meditative sessions are finding more calm and quiet moments in their lives, even when they are not meditating.

  • Below are a few self confidence techniques that will show you how to to help you to be more self-assured to others. These types of self confidence suggestions are quite simple to master.Just about all of the books these days on confidence share the same common principle: to have natural confidence, you ought to be self-motivated.

    The most realistic of all self-worth suggestions is this: regularly workout and eat right to make your body physically fit, healthy and powerful.The second easiest step to implement and to do is that when you are feeling down, call your stable and upbeat friends and family for help.

  • Mortgage immediate decision loans can be availed by any kind of borrower. They help you to meet all your personal requirements fast.

    Mindfulness meditation however is contradictory to active meditation. This type of meditation involves not pure sitting but letting your body move – from slow to intense movements. It is a process where a practitioner can undo all suppression as well as negative emotions by letting the body move and easily go into stillness.

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  • We’ve all heard the sayings “nice guys finish last” and “women prefer to be with jerks.” There is convincing evidence that in some cases this might be true. The reality is that basic needs are often met by the notorious “bad boys” that “nice guys” may be sometimes hesitant to deliver.

    Bad boys are often described as edgy, mysterious, alluring, courageous, rugged, independent, sexy, confident, rebellious, and exciting. They are also thought of as rough, abusive, dangerous, arrogant, selfish, elusive, self-absorbed, insensitive, unreliable, defiant, disrespectful, naughty, and heart breakers. Regarding the more negative traits, it is important to note that all men struggle with certain personality flaws. In some cases stereotypical “nice guys” can be just as abusive, insensitive, and unreliable as their bad boy counterparts.

  • A human life is a priceless gift of God. The Lord does not have a greater gift than this to give his beloved creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so extraordinary that its results can only amaze us. This gift has been given to us to fulfill divine goals. But it is our ill-fate that we have forgotten our divine nature, God’s gift and the goal/ importance of a human life. Neither do we know our divine potential, nor the Lord’s goal, wisdom or meditation. We are straying far away in this dark, gloomy world. This forgetfulness is strange. People generally forget objects and also what they have read, heard etc. A person whom we had known in the past is now a stranger for us, since we have forgotten him. But it is rare to find a person who forgets himself. We think ourselves to be a body with name and form. We desire what our mind desires, we look upon the body’s needs as our own need. The body and mind are the 2 wheels of the chariot of our life. But we have totally forgotten that we are the soul and not the body. No doubt we hear time and again that the body is different from the soul. But it is very rare that someone actually experiences this fact. And even if we experience it, it is in a very hazy manner. If we understand true reality and the difference between the life-force and peripherals that manifests in our consciousness, we will give prime importance to soul well-being. We would give only that much importance to material objects as is required. Today we are walking with feet devoid of shoes and decorate our cars with frills of gold. We are dying of hunger and give clarified butter to vehicles. “We” means the soul and vehicle means body or mind. The Lord is serving his servants. It is indeed strange that he has forgotten his responsibility.

  • Confronting and beating fear can be exciting especially tips on how to overcome fear of a career change. Daydreams are ways to beat fear and paralyzing desparation, specifically the fear of failing.

    Overcoming worry is a process we all learn, and ultimately we overcome fear by transforming it into something useful. Actions to overcoming fear always include the step to recognise that concern is common to all individuals. It’s simply a determination of overcoming fear of life changes. You have to overcome concern if you want to reach your ultimate dreams. Overcoming concern is a process we all learn, and eventually we overcome concern by transforming the feeling into something useful. There is this terrific power inside us to get over fear.

  • poker in a more conventional arena, the basic principles of social interaction are the same. Poker is, by nature and by tradition, a game that is distinctly American. The game is upheld as one that favors the bold, the risk-taker, and the clever. However, any modern scholars of the game will tell you that in today’s poker environment, you need more brains than guts. The fact is, in the current poker world, if you’re not a student of the game’s intellectual, self-analytical aspects, then you’re doomed to achieving nothing but failure.

  • Once in my life when I was really confused and I was most surely not filled up with real joy. My whole life had “turned out” just as I’d believed it would. I graduated school, I got a job and a nice place to live. I had friends, family, along with a long-term relationship. When I looked to my future, it was filled with brilliant, comfortable days. The part that I hadn’t planned on was how disorienting it was to complete my goals. Once achieved, I didn’t know what to do after that.