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  • The Challenges Posed By An Aging Population

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    The advances that have been made in medicine now mean we face an aging population which will have many interesting outcomes that will affect society.

    The health service, employment, pensions and social cohesion will all be affected as we deal with the very real issue of more people being old in the world.

    This is an issue that is having an impact on the on many nations worldwide. In order to address the situation its important to understand what it may mean to society in general. It is one of the subjects that will define how we live and work in the near future and one that will affect everyone. It might appear to be a frightening change in how we live but is something which can’t be ignored.

    The most important impact will be on the economy which is already suffering. With more people out of work and potentially requiring home care there will be a need to change our spending habits so that we can afford to look after the elderly. This may in turn lead to a significant drop in expenditure on consumer goods in the future as we focus more on saving for the future.

    The aging may also have an impact politically. The long predicted new age of conservatism may nearly be upon us. There is a tendency for older people to have a more conservative approach, with an emphasis on security and family. This will alter the world of politics in several nations and may be something for budding politicians to consider.

    Communities will need to work together in order to make changes to housing that caters to the needs of older citizens. Modifications to assist the infirm will need to be put in place. Welfare programmes that are specifically designed to ensure the nutritional and health needs of older citizens are met will need to be created.

    Employment will be affected as older people may be required to be retrained and transfer their skills to other types of work. This has already occurred in many communities where industries that had existed for years went under or the manufacturing process became obsolete. Automation of human skills is happening at break neck pace meaning this is a very current issue that will cause difficulties long before population aging makes significant alterations to our world.

    Despite the work needed to adapt, the aging of our population presents us with a unique opportunity to find new ways in which to define how our society functions.

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