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  • Why You Need to Use N2 With Your Paint Ball Guns

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    New players to paintball often go for the less expensive equipment and markers. This is comparable to how beginners of all sports usually start with equipment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    While CO2 is the power source of choice for many of the more affordable markers, it isn’t the best choice. It will work fine for many, but for players who want the best performance they can get from their marker, HPA is a better option, although it is more expensive.

    The top reason for switching to compressed air (also known as HPA) is because of improved performance. Anyone that wants better performance should change power sources.

    During periods of rapid fire, a marker fueled by CO2 is most likely to have problems. Consistency will drop, and the paintballs will begin flying shorter distances, making it difficult to hit what you are aiming for.

    CO2 has difficulty expanding fast enough from liquid to gas when you are shooting fast. No one wants to have their paintballs fly at unpredictable distances when they are trying to hit a target.

    In cold weather, CO2 really is a pain in the neck. Anyone who plays in cold weather often should definitely make the switch if they want consistency. HPA stays consistent in cold weather.

    Your gun can sometimes “freeze up” when you are unloading the paint in cold weather. The liquid literally freezes the inside of your gun and wrecks its performance, sometimes even causing it to stop working until it can unfreeze.

    If you have ice shooting out of your gun or what looks like a cloudy, icy, muzzle flash and had your paintballs shooting at erratic distances, you might want to consider making the switch to compressed air.

    The problem with CO2 is that it is in both liquid and gas form inside your tank. Gas is good, but the liquid is bad when it gets into the marker. When it happens, it causes poor performance. Compressed air tanks only have air inside of them.

    Paintballers that want the best performance should make the switch to a compressed air tank. It is more consistent and will not give you problems in cold weather.

    Before you go out and spend too much money on your paintball markers and gear, check out these paintball air systems for sale.

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